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Doug Bromley doug.bromley at
Thu Mar 9 11:51:27 CET 2006

Python is in desperate need of marketing and I don't think its new site will
help it.
The Ruby community has a fanaticism we could learn from and its going some
way to 'converting' me.  The community is alive, growing, shouting from the
roof tops while the Python community seems to sit in its ivory towers
conducting research and corporate development in 'forward-thinking'
companies such as Google.

I can see Ruby overtaking Python if we don't ALL do something about it.

On 9 Mar 2006 02:43:53 -0800, Gerard Flanagan <grflanagan at>
> Steve Holden wrote:
> > I've been thinking (and blogging) about python evangelism since PyCon,
> > as a result of which I created a squidoo lens:
> >
> >
> >
> > Imagine my surprise at discovering that this has gone up in rank (by
> > number of views) from # 442,000 or so to #153! Clearly there's some
> > mileage in marketing Python, and I'd like to keep the buzz going if it
> > means more people will adopt the language.
> >
> > Any suggestions for improvement?
> >
> '-nology' not '-nlogy' in the link.
> I like the 'What's Happening on Planet Python' section - I find the
> gives too much of an intro to the pages it links to. A
> line or too, as in the lens site,  would be preferable in my view.
> Just a thought - would a similar section be suitable for ''
> main page?
> Gerard
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