ODBC module and strange date reference <...>

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Thu Mar 2 15:38:42 CET 2006

dananrg at yahoo.com wrote:

> Sorry for the double-thanks Frank.
> I'm using Python 2.1 for Win32 and import datetime fails.
> Does the datetime module come standard with later releases of Python?
> If so, which release? If not, will datetime with with Python 2.1, if it
> will, where can I get it? I'm still such a newbie with Python that I'm
> not even sure where in the directory structure modules go. My Python
> reference books from Amazon.com are in the mail.

I think datetime became available around 2.3. And it's a binary module, so
chances are slim that you can backport it.

However, what Frank suggested should work with module time. too:

import time
dat = time.localtime(int(dbidate_object))


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