Doc suggestions (was: Why "class exceptions" are not deprecated?)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Mar 30 18:19:04 CEST 2006

Gerard Flanagan wrote:

> > I've added some notes to the front-page.  feel free to tweak/clarify (or post
> > comments here or on the site).
> >
> > for now, I think it's worth trying to keep the text clean and reasonably read-
> > able at all times, and use the comment function to add questions/suggestions
> > (more wikipedia than c2, in other words).
> I like it!


the feedback this far has been very positive, and there's been quite a
few good contributions from several contributors.  makes me wonder why
I haven't done this before (could it be that infogami didn't exist last time
I looked into edit-through-the-web stuff ? ;-)

> Can a page be easily recovered if someone decided to delete it?

yup.  infogami keeps a full history.

> Can anyone add a page? How to do this?

just add a [[link]] to a page (or comment), and click on the link to get an
offer to create the missing page.  or just hack the URL.  see:

however, I would prefer if we could keep the current overall structure intact
for now.  (but adding new pages for other purposes is perfectly okay, though;
also see the "if you want to make major changes" note on the front page).

> Would it be a good idea to make every subsection of a page linkable?
> eg.
> then a list of the subsections at the top of each page? For example
> I've added such a list at

the subsections should absolutely be linkable in the finished
product, but that can be automated (either in the yet-to-be-written export
scripts, or by some wikipedia-style infogamibot maintenance droid... (1))


1) dear lazyweb/lazynet: does anyone have some time to spare on figuring
out how to log into infogami from a simple python script.  standard library
only, preferrably.

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