OCR question

Duncan Watson<djwid@yahoo.com> Duncan.j.Watson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 18:35:51 CET 2006

I run a small guild in an on-line MMO (City of Heroes).  As part of
this I maintain a roster of our membership and their level and various
in-game statistics.  Unfortunately I can't get the data from the MMO
directly.  I have been taking screenshots of the in-game roster and
then transcribing it into comma-delimited format for parsing by a
python script.

This works fine but some of our partner guilds are interested in my
roster.  So I was thinking I could try some limited OCR.  In this case
the font and image size will be known constants.  I would then try to
parse the screenshots directly.

Does anyone know of any libraries or toolkits I can use with this?  Or
should I just dig up some OCR texts and make a cheater version, quick,
dirty and a wee bit fragile.

I will be using PIL to read the images and convert to bmps/memory
images.  I just am curious where I can did up some OCR related data.


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