[ANN] Dabo 0.6 released

Ed Leafe ed at leafe.com
Mon Mar 27 22:36:00 CEST 2006

	It has been a while since the last release of Dabo (version 0.5.1  
back in January), but we haven't been standing still. A big reason  
for the long span was PyCon Dallas back in February, which involved  
lots of preparation beforehand, as well as lots of work after from  
the great response to Dabo we received there. As the number of people  
using Dabo continues to grow, we're getting better feedback,  
increased testing and a lot of great ideas for improvement.

	There are too many changes to list here; a pretty comprehensive list  
is available at:
This is also available in the ChangeLog file in the root of the Dabo  
distribution. While there have been no major functional changes in  
the framework, which has been fairly stable for over a year now, a  
lot of enhancements have been added to enable the development of our  
IDE tools.

	In addition to what we've improved in the Dabo framework, we can't  
forget to mention the Dabo Class Designer, and Dabo Report Designer.  
Both of these visual design tools have made the leap from the proof- 
of-concept phase to actual productive tools since the last release.  
We've also released the IDE tools today; this is version 0.5 for the  
Dabo IDE.

	The Dabo Runtime Engine for Windows is in the process of being  
updated, and should be available shortly. This allows you to try out  
Dabo on a Windows computer without having to install Python,  
wxPython, or any of the other requirements first.

	Grab the latest from the Dabo Download Page:

	And, as always, post feedback/questions to the Dabo users list:

-- Ed Leafe
-- http://leafe.com
-- http://dabodev.com

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