Python as an extension language

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Mon Mar 6 22:10:15 CET 2006

On Mon, 06 Mar 2006 12:20:32 +0100
Torsten Bronger <bronger at> wrote:
> Sybren Stuvel <sybrenUSE at>
> writes:
> > Torsten Bronger enlightened us with:
> >> I already know how to do that in principle.  My only
> >concern is > distributing the thing, especially for the
> >Windows platform.
> >
> > Check out distutils and py2exe.
> I know that py2exe can convert a Python script into an EXE
> file, however, I have no Python script.  I only have C++
> source code, and I'd like to avoid saying, "well, please
> install my little EXE and this 10MB Python MSI for
> scripting it".

If your C++ file is so small, then maybe you should
not embed a Python interpreter in it, but rather allow it to
be compiled as a Python module. Just write a Pyrex or Python
C/API wrapper for it, and include a build for the Python

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