id3 encoding testing

ianaré ianare at
Fri Mar 3 20:45:50 CET 2006

hey all,

anybody know where i can download some mp3's and/or other file formats
that use id3 tags in different encodings? working on an app that
retrieves id3 info, and all the mp3's i have come across so far use
iso-8859-1 encoding. i would like to test:

'Eastern Europe  (iso-8859-2)'
'Cyrillic  (iso-8859-5)'
'Arabic  (iso-8859-6)'
'Greek  (iso-8859-7)'
'Hebrew  (iso-8859-8)'
'Turkish  (iso-8859-9)'
'Nordic  (iso-8859-10)'
'Japanese  (iso2022_jp)'
'Korean  (iso2022_kr)'


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