COM server / COM client

Dan danbrwn at
Mon Mar 27 18:27:37 CEST 2006

>>Sounds like you are walking a "fine line" on the "no compiled programs
>>written by me" thing.

Yeah, I hate it. I could have written a C++ server, client application
etc.. very easily. Instead, I have had to write javascript on the
client to embed in an html page to view, insert,delete etc.. SQL server
table over the intranet via ADO. But, requirements are requirements.
Besides, I am learning a lot and thats always good. We are integrators,
so our clients specifications are always vague and with an eye toward
leaving themselves "outs" whenever possible.

>>That said, no you don't have to compile.  If you don't create .exe
>>by using py2exe you must have Python on the machine and must set up
>>any supporting libraries (like ctypes) in lib/site-packages.

That won't be a problem since all of the clients will be our own pc's
so we will be installing python on each.

What about activeX controls? Will I be able to create an activeX client
control using python for embedding into a web document, again without
compiling ? I know I could use Javascript to gain access to the python
server but I don't know if it will allow me to subscribe to the events
properly. In the ADO interfaces at least you can not receive the events
fired from the server via Javascript or VBScript. Thanks, Dan

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