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Rc wrote:
> "DaveM" <asma61 at> schreef in bericht
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>>On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 13:34:14 +0100, "Méta-MCI"
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>>>Après, vous pourrez aussi fréquenter le newsgroup :
>>>       fr.comp.lang.python
>>>qui a l'avantage d'être en français.
>>But perhaps he's a Flemish speaker - are you trying to start a riot?
> Yes,I'm a Flemish speaker, I have been to school in the evening
> to study Englisch and also now for the last year I'm study French.
> To improve my English it's maybe good to work with English
> newsgroupes.


> I'm not looking for a riot,because I don't understand
> the word.

This one was for Michel (Meta-MCI), not for you. And the french for riot
is émeute.

> By the way, in case to learn Python,they

Who ?-)

> told me it's
> the most esay language to start.

Well, it was, some years ago. It's still pretty easy to get started
with, but there are more and more advanced features, and lot of subtle
details that are quite obvious when you're a seasonned pro, but
certainly not for a newbie programmer.

But still, Python is certainly one of the most easy languages for
beginners - far easier than C , far more funny than Java, far more
usable than VB.

Also - and that can really make a difference - the community is usually
really helpful and well-mannered.

> But ,my question is when I start Python it is a Dos Window
> that opened.

Yes, that's the Python interactive shell - a command line utility. If
you want a GUI, try IDLE, that should be installed with Python.

Also, and IIRC, giving your python source files the .pyw extension
should avoid the the opening of a dos window when you try to execute the

A couple of resources you may find useful when you'll be done with the
official tutorial: (tutorial for CS newbies) (more advanced python tutorial)

and of course the tutor maling list:

bruno desthuilliers
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