Passing a method indirectly

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Mar 5 07:55:39 CET 2006

swisscheese wrote:
> I'm trying to write a function that takes an arbitrary object and
> method.
> The function applies the method to the object (and some other stuff).
> I get error "Test instance has no attribute 'method' "
> How can I make this work?
> def ObjApply (object,method):
> 	object.method ()
> class Test:
> 	def test1 (self): print "Hello"
> 	def test2 (self):
> 		ObjApply (self,self.test1)
> ta = Test ()
> ta.test2 ()
Your code appears to be based on a slight misunderstanding of method 
calls. In your Test class you are calling ObjApply with two arguments, 
the second of which is a "bound method" (in other words, it already 
implicitly references the instance of which it is a method).

In still other words, there is really no need for two arguments to 
ObjApply! Perhaps you need to think through your goals more clearly ...

  >>> def ObjApply(method):
  ...     method()
  >>> class Test:
  ...   def test1(self): print "Hello from", self
  ...   def test2(self): ObjApply(self.test1)
  >>> ts = Test()
  >>> ts.test2()
Hello from <__main__.Test instance at 0x18cd238c>

So, what is it you *really* want to do?

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