Python advocacy in scientific computation

Andy Salnikov a_salnikov at
Wed Mar 8 23:34:39 CET 2006

"Michael Tobis" <mtobis at> wrote in message 
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>I think I agree with Steve here.
> I suspect you should either have sufficiently trained your users in
> Python, or have limited them to one-line statements which you could
> then strip of leading whitespace before passing them to Python, or even
> offered the alternative of one or the other. This would not have been
> much extra work.
> As for shell scripts generating Python code, I am not sure what you
> were trying to do, but if you're going that far why not just replace
> the shell script with a python script altogether?
> os.system() is your friend.
> I also agree with Steve that I can't see what this has to do with
> makefiles. (But then I think "make" is a thoroughly bad idea in the
> first place, and think os.system() is my friend.)
> mt

  Actually os.system() is rather poor replacement for the shell's
capabilities, and it's _very_ low level, it's really a C-level code
wrapped in Python syntax. Anyway, to do something useful you need
to use all popen() stuff, and this is indeed infinitely complex
compared to the easy shell syntax.


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