why use special config formats?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Fri Mar 10 10:52:56 EST 2006

tomerfiliba at gmail.com wrote:
> if you are really so scared of letting others exploit your config
> scripts, then use the second, pickled fashion. that way you can store
> the file at $HOME/blah-config.pkl, and everybody's happy.
Except the user who wants to edit the config file.

> still, my point is we dont need special config mechanisms, since the
> builtin ones, like object persistency (sp) or python scripts are good
> enough, less buggy, and dont require you to learn thousands of config
> formats.
> and you can even edit pickled files by hand (protocol 0 i believe).
> it's not that complicated.
Fine. Kindly write the "How to Edit Your Configuration" instructions for 
naive users. I think you might find they object to such an obscure format.

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