Which GUI toolkit is THE best?

Peter Decker pydecker at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 13:57:39 CET 2006

On 3/10/06, invitro81 <invitro81 at gmx.net> wrote:

> But I've no idea which one I should use to start with.. I've read that
> tkinter seems to be the de facto standart in the pyhon community; but
> why? Is it the best available one or are theire other reasons? I read
> also a litte about wxpython and pygtk.. both are appealing to me but
> again to make a choice is difficult; is there also some guy liking pyqt
> is it worse or should it be avoided because of the licencing policy for
> qt (which I also like..)?
>         * Which one is the most fun to program with?
>         * Which one is the most easy to learn?
>         * Which one looks best?
>         * Which one is the most productive to program with?

GUI toolkits are not simple things to be productive with. Most people
I know tried out a few briefly, found one that fit their needs and/or
programming style better, and then adopted that as their choice. Given
the complexity of GUIs in general, developers tend to be 'fluent' in
one at a time - it's just too much to remember when switching between
different kits.

So most of the answers you get will invariably be tilted toward the
choice that an individual made. Their reasons for that choice may not
be the same as your reasons, so my advice to you would be to check
them all out for a few hours apiece, and make a choice based on your

Having said that, my choice for UI toolkit is wxPython, based on its
use of native controls on all platforms. I disliked the syntax it
inherited from wxWidgets, the C++ project it is based on, but then I
found Dabo, whose UI layer wraps wxPython, giving you all the power
and beauty of wxPython, with none of the ugliness.

# p.d.

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