Simple questions on use of objects (probably faq)

bruno at modulix onurb at xiludom.gro
Thu Mar 9 13:47:39 CET 2006

Brian Elmegaard wrote:
> bruno at modulix <onurb at xiludom.gro> writes:
>>So it's time to move to 2.4x !-)
> I guess so.
>>What is "going wrong" exactly ?
>   def _add_instance(cls, instance):
>       _add_instance=classmethod(_add_instance)
>       cls._instances.append(instance)

You want

def _add_instance(cls, instance):



>>Also, if you intend to use such a solution (with or without multiple
>>lists), you may want to add a classmethod to delete instances from the
> I will have to study classmethods.

May I suggest that you first learn the language syntax and basics ?-)

FWIW, a classmethod is a method that get the class object as first
argument (instance methods get a reference to the instance).

bruno desthuilliers
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