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Sat Mar 11 00:10:10 CET 2006

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>> Well, why don't we promote it as PyPI (Python Package Index)? The url
>> _is_, and I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that PyPI
>> was the intended name... If the community then decides on some
>> standardized automated package management, I'm sure PyPI (cheese shop)
>> would probably be the definitive repository.
>> $ pypi install hello
>> is much better than
>> $ bluecheese install hello


> I have to say I prefer pypi myself.

Strongly prefer.  Cheeseshop made no sense to me until explained.

> I think it's a great idea
> subtitling it 'cheeseshop' but referring to it directly as "cheeseshop"
> is confusing at best.

I think PieShop would be much funnier as a double pun on Py/Pi and as a 
subtle Python riff on the Cheeseshop sketch for those familiar with the 
latter.  I also remember something about a Python/Parrot pie fight.

> I've already had a few requests to change the text
> of the link on the home page to 'packages' or 'package index'.

Please at least make it a synonym.

Terry Jan Reedy

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