Cheese Shop -> BSOL?

Andrew Gwozdziewycz apgwoz at
Sun Mar 12 05:31:03 CET 2006

> Tadpoles ( ) are immature
> frogs. If we keep the logo, we can change the name of the language to
> "frog". Then the eggs would be found in . I  
> personally
> do not like this choice but it would have the virtue of consistency.
> (Did I mention that I don't like the logo?)

I hadn't realized that the logo was depicting 'tadpoles'. I dont'  
mind the logo. It does exactly what a logo is
supposed to do. It creates an image of something about the "product"  
or company. It would also scale
quite well for all purposes.

Look at the 'tadpoles' (i don't really think it's tadpoles really...  
but i'll bite for now),
notice that it is a + sign, which we also always associate with life,  
and health (red cross comes to mind). Python
is a healthy language. I can read it and write it without going blind  
or crazy.

Ok, maybe I'm pushing it here.

 >Better  Would support the spread of the new file
 >format, too. actually seems quite good to me. It'd be even cooler  
if we could make EGGS an acronym for something.
How about 'Excellently Good Getting Solution' ? (joking).

Andrew Gwozdziewycz
apgwoz at

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