py2exe: abnormal program termination

robert no-spam at
Wed Mar 15 10:21:16 CET 2006

PyDenis wrote:
> 3. I run 1.exe and get error:
> [code:1:7ea8ce03ac]
> Runtime Error!
> Abnormal program termination.
> [/code:1:7ea8ce03ac]
> [URL=][/URL]

which win32ui build and python do you use? which OS? dual core? etc?

( Post a stack trace, if you get one, or if you have a C-debugger 
installed )

recent win32ui builds introduced some new types of crashes with certain 
python versions, dual cores CPU's, etc.


Maybe use prior builds.

Your crash may have its reason also in the (old) "DestroyWindow" bug 
#1048355  / patch #1449736 as it has no other main gui. This bug raises 
often only with certain memory layouts. Only the patch would solve this.

( I remember also little about such error with a messagebox-only program 
outside of any mainframe on win98 only (but guess this was fixed; I am 
not sure; can be same as #1048355 ) )


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