Can I export my datas in pickle format safely ?

DurumDara durumdara at
Fri Mar 31 16:05:00 CEST 2006

Hi !

I want to create a database from datas.
I want to store my datas in lists/dicts/normal variables.

I thinking about that I can use the pickle to serialize/load my datas 
from the file.

But: I remember that in the year of 2004(?) I tried this thing. I store 
my CD informations in pickled objects (in files).
And when I changed my python version from ??? to 2.3(?), and I get some 
error messages...

So: I want to store datas in the simply as possible, but I don't want to 
get error messages in the future, when I upgrade a new python version.

I see that the Gnosis project have pickle tools that can dump objects to 
XML is compatible in any future versions, I can read it, etc.

So. Anyone can help me: pickle module have problems when I want to load 
older dumped objects, or I can use it for dev. my application ?
Or any tool I need to use ?

Thanks for the advance:

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