how to comment lot of lines in python

Tim Chase python.list at
Fri Mar 31 01:59:21 CEST 2006

>>Or there is something else too ??
> You should use a decent editor that could automatically
> comment/uncomment code upon your request.

In Vim, you can map a key to do the following:


to comment the highlighted lines, and


to  uncomment them.  To map them, you can use

:vnoremap <f4> :s/^/#<cr>
:vnoremap <f5> :s/#<cr>

(those are literal "less-than, ["eff, [4 | 5]" | "see, 
are"], greater-than" characters)

Then, pressing <f4> in visual mode will comment the selected 
lines, and pressing <f5> will uncomment any selected lines 
that are commented.

The nice thing about vim's method of doing this, is that you 
can combine it with grepping.  If you want to comment out 
every line containing a regexp, you can do


Or, if you want to comment out from "regexp_1" to the 
following line containing "regexp_2", you can use


All sorts of handy tricks.

There are python plugins that I'm sure offer such abilities 
built-in.  There are likely ways to do this in other editors 
too.  I just happen to be a vim sorta guy.


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