Command line arguments question (Windows XP)

mensanator at mensanator at
Wed Mar 22 02:37:30 CET 2006

Ross Ridge wrote:
> Tim Golden wrote:
> > python.file="C:\Python24\python.exe" "%1" %*
> mensanator at wrote:
> > So now I got to decide whether the file association should be
> > set to "%2" "%3" "%4" "%5" "%6" "%7" "%8" "%9" and change the
> > programs that count the arguments or set it to "%*" and change
> > the programs do a split on argv[1] to seperate the parameters.
> Have you tried using %* without quotes?

Ah, didn't think of that. Let me try changing it to %* without quotes.

C:\python24\user>u a b c
args ['C:\\python24\\user\\', 'a', 'b', 'c']

Hey, it works like it should. I only quoted it because that's
the way I found it in the registry (the %1 is still in quotes).

Thanks for the tip. Now I don't have to change any programs.

I forgot to mention that there's also a registry entry for
Python.CompiledFile. It also is missing the %* and has the invalid
-n -e flags.

>                            Ross Ridge

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