Cross compile generation of .pyc from .py files...

venkatbo at venkatbo at
Wed Mar 1 18:41:58 CET 2006

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for that link and your notes.

I was under the impression, that the .pyc files will be used (if found)
by python to speed up execution of scripts... and so we packaged,
deployed and installed the .py/.pyc files on to the ppc-target system.
That package includes,, etc., among others.

Though I see these errors when I invokde 'python -v', I'm able to
execute the .py files... but was hoping to use the .pyc files to
benefit from the enhanced speed of execution. Like I mentioned to
Terry, for some reason only the cross compile generation of .pyc for
the ppc-target is not getting done right, whereas the actual
ppc-specific python (2.4.2) binaries and extension (.so) modules are
getting created properly.

We were not trying to just ship the .pyc files and reverse-engineer the
.py files from them on the target ppc system.


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