What is Caching my DB

Siah siasookhteh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 14:06:23 EST 2006

I just launched my django site for a client.  My problem is something
is caching my db data in a bizzar way.  Here are some of the behaviours
I get:

- I login, and every other page it makes me login again for a 5 minutes
or so and then it remembers that I am logged in.
- I add a record, it reflects it to the site in close to 5 minutes from
- Every other DB related change takes some time to reflect

My temporary domain is (a #  # a# r #m # i #n   d o t    ##c o# m).
Please remove (#, space, and replace dot with .). To see this for
yourself login to the site by going to /admin/ with username and
password: django


ps. django rocks

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