Uploading files from IE

AB amy-g-art at cox.net
Thu Mar 23 00:34:44 CET 2006

"Irmen de Jong" <irmen.NOSPAM at xs4all.nl> wrote in message 
news:4421d24a$0$11071$e4fe514c at news.xs4all.nl...
> AB wrote:
>> All right... I already hated IE.  But, now I do even more.  My scripts 
>> upload function is working in Firefox, but not in IE.  If I upload a file 
>> from Internet Explorer I get a file on the system named for the full path 
>> from the users computer...
>> example...
>> They user uploads C:\mydocs\test.jpg
>> it ends up at /path/to/webdir/C:\mydocs\test.jpg
>> instead of /path/to/webdir/test.jpg
> try something like this:
> filename = os.path.basename(fullpathname)

I tried the following with the same result:
myName = ulImage.filename
newFile = file (os.path.join(upload_dir, os.path.basename(myName)), 'wb')

Any other ideas?  Seems like it shouldn't be a browser issue though... 

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