Chained Comparisons

Duncan Booth duncan.booth at invalid.invalid
Mon Mar 20 09:53:29 CET 2006

Sathyaish wrote:

> I did "guess" but I wasn't quite sure and so I asked. OK, I did not
> perform a search on the docs, but that was because:
> 1) It is easier to learn through an interactive medium like a forum;

and what exactly do you think the other people in the forum do? They go off 
and read the documentation so that they can be sure to quote it back 
accurately to you. So you've saved yourself the bother of looking up the 
docs just so that a large number of people can all do it for you.

Please, in future, try looking in the documentation before you post: if 
you've looked and can't find what you need, that's fine, or if you've found 
it unclear and want more information that is also fine.

> 2) A search in the same document you are reading takes you "off" and
> "adrift", and as such, is equivalant to a task-switch, because you're
> already reading some material from the same help file and are stuck at
> some point.

I've tried reading this several times and can't make sense of what you are 
trying to say?

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