Cheese Shop -> BSOL?

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>Tim Churches wrote:

>> Would it be possible to rename "Cheese Shop" as "Bright Side of Life"?


>So should a service for finding Python packages have a distinct
>identity? It is possible that a package index could be someone's
>principal view of the Python world ("I go to Camelot to get... what is
>it I get there?"), but the things that emerge from such a service
>aren't just downloads that have little in common with each other.
>Consequently, I don't think a descriptive name, derived from the name
>of the technology, is sensibly avoided in this case.

I like the BSOL idea, but in that case what will the package extension be
instead of .egg? has the advantage of suggesting an
obvious extension: .graal

So you go to the Camelot to get the graal (or one of them :).  In case this
catches on, I'd like to upload ASAP one of my packages [1] called "wholy".

PS "Grail" was a web browser written in Python (or an attempt at one).

[1] It's mostly useless but I trust wholy.graal will be downloaded by
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