Cheese Shop: some history for the new-comers

Ron Adam rrr at
Sun Mar 12 20:24:59 CET 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Ron Adam wrote:
>> I think the PSF is important enough to have a link on *every* page. It
>> doesn't need a lot of space, but it should be easy to get to from
>> anywhere on the web site.
> a copyright blurb at the bottom of the page would be one obvious place to
> put it.

Yes, that was my first thought, but I think since the PFS is directly 
involved in recruiting and organizing support for the development of 
python and the python community, it probably needs to be a bit more 
prominent than that.

I think there is still room for improving the grouping of the web site 
in general.  For example you could consider that there are three major 

* For Python users:  Those using python to write programs.  This would b 
e the introduction, the user/library guide, the tutorial, and other 
documentation on how to use python for writing programs along with the 
download links for the current versions.

* Python product(s) suppliers:  Finished applications modules and tools 
written in python and third party information/products for python users. 
  (outside website links, books, t-shirts, and other items ... also fit 
in this catagory)

* Python development and support:  For the development of the python 
core and the python library, the documentation, and the web site.  As 
well as the PFS.

These overlap, but the nice thing about hyper linked documents is that 
general groupings can be maintained and it still works.  While the PFS 
is in the third group, since it is involved in both seeking and 
promoting support of python, it needs to be visible in the other groups 
as well.

Of course, others would probably arrange things differently. :)


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