Getting .NET SDK to work with Python 2.4.2

Kevin F neurogasm at
Sun Mar 19 00:16:46 CET 2006

Dave wrote:
> I searched the usenet and some mail archives and tried various
> techniques, but I can't seem to get the .NET 2.0 SDK to work with
> python. I'm a total newbie when it comes to python installs. I
> downloaded the .NET 2.0 SDK and I have python 2.4.2 and im trying to
> install zope. So i go to the cmd and go to the directory and type
> "python build" (Will have to install after) and it comes up
> with this(after everything else runs smoothly):
> running build_ext
> error: The .NET SDK needs to be installed before building extensions
> for python.
> I set the .net2.0 directory in windows enviromental PATH and added a
> key to registry in:
> HKEY_{LOCAL_MACHINE}\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\FrameworkSDKDir
> to the path of it. It still doesn't recongnize it and I don't know why.

okay, i am new to python and realize that indentation is important. i 
have tried to put everything in their respective indentations but it 
still doesn't work, can someone try to fix this?

from poplib import *

server = POP3("")
print server.getwelcome()
print server.user("neurogasm at")
print server.pass_("hahaha")

messagesInfo = server.list()[1]
numMessages = len(messagesInfo)

print numMessages

  emails = []
  for msg in messagesInfo:
   msgNum = int(split(msg, " ")[0]
   msgSize = int(split(msg, " ")[1]
   if(msgSize < 20000):
    message = server.retr(msgNum)[1]
    message = join(message, "\n")

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