Write a GUI for a python script?

Lou Pecora pecoraREMOVE at THISanvil.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Mar 3 15:51:03 CET 2006

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 Matthias Huening <mhuening at zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:

> Glurt Wuntal (02.03.2006 15:56):
> > I am a newbie with Python. It's a great language, but I would like to be
> > able to present a simple gui menu for some of my scripts; something better
> > than using 'raw_input' prompts.
> > 
> If you only need some dialogs, input and/or message boxes, you could start 
> with EasyGUI.
> http://www.ferg.org/easygui/
> Matthias


Thanks for pointing that out.  I got EasyGUI and it works right out of 
the box.  Very nice for quick and dirty GUI stuff.  Maybe some good 
examples of using Tkinter, too.  It is only version 0.72 and hasn't been 
updated by the author since 2004.  But it does work and is simple enough 
that novice users like me might be able to maintain it and extend it.  
Many thanks to the author (Stephen Ferg) for producing EasyGUI.

By the way it was written on a Windows machine and worked perfectly (so 
far) on my Mac OS X machine.

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