python vs perl lines of code

Edward Elliott nobody at
Thu May 18 21:15:58 EDT 2006

Terry Hancock wrote:

> But the real point is that no one here can make
> any reasonably objective assessment of whether your "data" is
> meaningful unless you post examples.  That's what creates the
> hostility, I think.

Fair enough.  But see my other posts on why I'm not interested in objective
assessments of my code.  For inquiries into real-world code, it's enough to
believe that I'm not lying, e.g. that I have the programs and ran the tests
described.  The actual file contents are almost irrelevant.  Nothing one
can say about my code tells us anything about typical code in the wild. 
Producing more data points _will_ tell us that.  If my data are an outlier,
they may be worthless anyway.

That's what I'm interested in.  Others are interested in analyzing my code. 
Which is fine, it's just not what I'm after.

Edward Elliott
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