NEWB: how to convert a string to dict (dictionary)

Jorge Godoy godoy at
Wed May 24 08:10:49 CEST 2006

manstey wrote:

> Hi,
> How do I convert a string like:
> a="{'syllable': u'cv-i b.v^ y^-f', 'ketiv-qere': 'n', 'wordWTS': u'8'}"
> into a dictionary:
> b={'syllable': u'cv-i b.v^ y^-f', 'ketiv-qere': 'n', 'wordWTS': u'8'}
> Thanks, Matthew
> PS why in Python is it so often easy to convert one way but not the
> other?

I don't belive it is Python's fault.  In fact, you're going from a data
structure that contains enough information to be converted to a string in
one way -- dict to string -- while you're going from another data structure
that has no information at all about its contents on the other way --
string to dict/list/whatever.


In [1]:a="{'syllable': u'cv-i b.v^ y^-f', 'ketiv-qere': 'n', 'wordWTS':

In [2]:type(a)
Out[2]:<type 'str'>

In [3]:b = eval(a)

In [4]:type(b)
Out[4]:<type 'dict'>

In [5]:b
Out[5]:{'syllable': u'cv-i b.v^ y^-f', 'ketiv-qere': 'n', 'wordWTS': u'8'}

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