Unable to extract Python source code using Windows

John Machin sjmachin at lexicon.net
Wed May 17 01:10:20 CEST 2006

Elric02 wrote:
 I tried downloading for different archives, (different versions of
Python) I can't believe they are all garbled.  But they all don't work
with WinZip.

I can't believe that they're all garbled either. The likelihood of that
is small. Further, the probablility that all-pervasive garbling of tgz
files would go unnoticed is about three-tenths of five-eighths of an
extremely small number.

Reminds me of the story of the proud mother watching her son's regiment
on parade: "Look, everybody, my Tommy's the only one marching in

Let's rewrite your last sentence as "My copy of WinZip v10 doesn't work
with any of them", and go with the most plausible explanation.


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