Variable name has a typo, but code still works. Why?

Tim N. van der Leeuw tim.leeuwvander at
Wed May 31 15:55:59 CEST 2006

Hi Mateus,

We'd need to see more code then just this snippet. It looks like the
name 'session' is used elsewhere in the code, and is in scope for the
showReport() method.
But without seeing a bit more code of this class, and possibly global
variables / code, it's not possible to say this.

There's definately no rules in Python that allow you to 'abbreviate'
variable names.



mateus wrote:
> print "hello world"
> I have a nested loop where the outer loop iterates over key value pairs
> of a dictionary and the inner loop iterates over a list each list of
> which is a mapped value from the dictionary
>     def showReport(self):
>         for dev, sessions in self.logger.items():
>             for tree in session:
>                 self.addTestItem(self, tree)
> What I don't understand is why this executes w/o any problems when
> "sessions" was spelled as plural (sessionS) while later being spelled
> in the singular (session).
> Is there some type of name resolution of local variables where Python
> makes assumptions?

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