Request for comments on python distributed technologies

Paul McGuire ptmcg at
Fri May 19 21:08:41 CEST 2006

"Carl J. Van Arsdall" <cvanarsdall at> wrote in message
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> Hey everyone, another question for the list.  In particular i'm looking
> for comments on some of the distributed technologies supported in
> python.  Specifically, I'm looking at XML-RPC, RPyC, CORBA, and Twisted.

What you describe sounds very much like pyro, which should probably be added
to your list.

BTW, distributed frameworks are not inherently more robust or more easily
maintained than monolithic systems.  Unless you establish dynamic
replication and/or relocation of services, you can easily end up with one or
more single points of failure.  Services should be self-registering in order
to make finding them an automatic process, without having to maintain global
configuration/locator files or services (which themselves can become
bottlenecks), or distributed lookup files that must be propagated when
changes occur (with appropriate change collision management).  You also want
to incorporate some form of isolation in your framework, to try to avoid
permitting ill-behaved clients from crashing services.  A global logging
service for all services is handy - its a bear traipsing through and
interleaving among log files from each separate service node - but this too
can be a drag on performance and robustness.  And also, don't forget admin
and monitoring utilities - some op center somewhere is going to have to
monitor this whole mess^H^H^H^Hsystem, and would like an early warning
before the one critical bottleneck resource decides to croak at 2a.m. on a

-- Paul

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