python 2.5a2, gcc 4.1 and memory problems

Giovanni Bajo noway at
Mon May 8 02:21:15 CEST 2006

Michele Petrazzo wrote:

> Then I execute my test. The memory usage of 2.5a2 and gcc 3.3 that I
> see with "top", is the same (about VIRT: 260 MB and RES: 250MB ) that
> with the py 2.3 and 2.4, but then I recompile with 4.1 and execute
> the same test, my system "stop to work"... with "top" I can see that
> it use VIRT: 2440 MB and RES: 640MB RAM (I think all that I have into
> my pc)
> I haven't tried to recompile py 2.4 myself with gcc 4.1 because it is
> already compiled with it (4.0.3), so I think (only think) that is a py
> 2.5 problem.
> I'm right? or I have to compile it with something other switches?

Make sure -fno-strict-aliasing is specified. Python does not conform to ISO C
type aliasing rules.
Giovanni Bajo

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