py on windows Mobile 5.0?

Gonzalo Monzón gmc at
Mon May 15 18:45:38 CEST 2006

Bell, Kevin escribió:

>Does anyone know if/how to go about using python on a windows mobile 5.0
Hi Bell,

Yes, there's PythonCE (Python 2.4.3 port) for Windows CE / ARM, and 
seems to run with mobile 5.  Please search in the pythonce mail list and 
you'll got the answers about how to go. I attach here the last revision 
announcement in the maillist (May 1, 2006):

A new bug fix release of Python for Windows CE is available. Download it 

The release notes are linked from this page, but a direct link is:

PythonCE mailing list
PythonCE at

Gonzalo Monzón

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