Subclassing array

Sion Arrowsmith siona at
Thu May 4 17:27:42 CEST 2006

Alex Martelli <aleaxit at> wrote:
>TG <girodt at> wrote:
>> When I call Vector.__init__() in Stimulus, doesn't it also call __new__
>> ? I don't understand the detail of callings to __new__ and __init__ in
>> python inheritance ...
>Calling a (new-style) class does __new__ first, THEN calls the class's
>__init__ on the resulting instance -- and the arguments you're passing
>when calling the class go to both __new__ and __init__.

... so you might want something like:

class Vector(array):
    def __new__(cls,*args):
        return super(Vector,cls).__new__(cls,'f')

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