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"Ant" <antroy at> wrote:

> John Bokma wrote:
>> That's because you're clueless.
> Well argued. No really. Not quite sure what you base the allegations
> on of course.

Like I said, clueless.

> John, you're well out of order getting this guy into problems with his
> ISP.

Based on what "order"? The law of the Usenet Kook?

> Ken Tilton has it spot on - if everyone who wasn't interested in
> what he had to say ignored it, then it would make it far easier for
> those actually interested in the topic to reply, without a tirade of
> off topic abuse to filter through.

If Xah posts to just one group, on topic, the problem is gone. But Xah
is spamvertizing his website, and hence posts to 5 groups (since I guess
that's a limit GG sets, not Xah), so he doesn't care that a post on
whitespace in Python ends up in a group on Java or Perl. 

> I'm not a particular Xah fan, but I do find some of the threads
> provoked by his posts interesting. What is more of a concern to me is
> that he should have freedom to post on relevant newsgroups.

He has.

> Take a look
> at his site. You'll find that he is actually interested in the 5 or so
> newsgroups he cross-posts to, and his posts are general enough to
> apply to each of them.

In that very rare case he should pick a single group that matches his
diatribe the best. And in the very rare case that 3 groups are on topic,
he could set a follow up to. 

> In short, get off of your soap box - if you don't like what the guy
> has to say then *ignore it*.

No, that's the joke. I won't ignore it. And you're mistaken to think I
am the only one that has reported Xah. 

It's simple: Xah has to stick to the netiquette, or complaints will go
to his next hosting provider. In the end Xah either pays quite some
money for bullet proof hosting (since that is what a host that offers a
safe haven to spammers is called), or he goes yelling somewhere else. 

> FYI - I have written in support of Xah Lee to the ISP simply because I
> don't see why your personal problem with the guy should cost him
> money. 

So you waste money of an ISP... The decision has been made, a few days
ago even. 

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