documentation for win32com?

Tim N. van der Leeuw tim.leeuwvander at
Wed May 24 10:06:39 CEST 2006

Roger Upole wrote:
> The Excel docs are your best bet.  The examples they give
> are all MS-specific languages like VB, but most translate
> fairly easily to Python.
> You can also run makepy on the Excel typelib, which will
> generate a file with all the methods, events etc available
> thru the Excel object model.

You should definately run makepy, it will be a great help, but there
are objects for which you can still not get any 'help' from your IDE's
In those cases you'll just have to wing it, and indeed refer to the
Excel helpfiles for VBA methods/objects/etc.

Look at some samples on the web, and experiment a lot (using the
PythonWin IDE seems to work quite well for this kind of experimenting,
perhaps IDLE would also do it quite well. Due to the dynamic nature of
this kind of explorations, the pydev Eclipse plugin doesn't work well
for it).

> Also, searching this group and the pywin32 mailing list
> for "excel.application" turns up a bunch of sample code.
>     hth
>        Roger



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