Can Python installation be as clean as PHP?

Jack nospam at
Tue May 9 21:31:32 CEST 2006

I like Python but I don't really like Python's installation.
With PHP, I only need one file (on Linux) and maybe two files
on Windows then I can run my PHP script. This means no installation
is required in most cases. I just copy the file and I get PHP.
Extending PHP is fairly easy, too, just by copying a few DLLs
and modifying the php.ini a bit.

With Python, things are really messy. I have to run the installer
to install dozens of directories and hundreds of files, and I don't
really know if  all of them are necessary. Plus, lots of libraries
are in .py, which is of course not as efficient/clean as having all
of the core functions built-in in the C/C++ core, like in PHP.

Then again, I do like the Python language. It would be great if
Python (or a variation of Python) can be made the PHP way, one
executable file, and you get everything. 

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