Tuple assignment and generators?

vdrab stijndesaeger at gmail.com
Fri May 5 17:54:10 CEST 2006

> You've been told that quite a few times before that "is" is not intended for
> what you used it.

I got that. I was cleaning up some code that used "is" incorrectly
immediately after.

> Some people actually listen to what others tell. Others seem to be driven by
> the deep desire to make even the tiniest bit of getting-a-grasp a public
> affair.

Not really. I always found python to be true to that -- admittedly
elusive -- principle of least surprise up to now ("special cases aren't
special enough to break the rules", maybe? I don't know. but then you
figured that, right?), and was thrown off quite a bit by the behaviour
described in one of the earlier posts, that is all. I wanted to ask
people's explanations about it and learnt a few things on the way
(thanks Dave). What did you get from all of this?

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