Install libraries only without the program itself

Gregor Horvath g.horvath at
Thu May 11 19:08:45 CEST 2006

Serge Orlov schrieb:

> I believe it's better to keep *everything* on the file server. Suppose


> your OS is windows and suppose you want to keep everything in s:/tools.
> The actions are:
> 3. Create little dispatcher s:/tools/win32/
> #!s:/tools/python24-win32/python.exe
> import sys
> sys.path[0] = "s:/tools/client-1.0.0"
> import client

I also had to set the paths for the imports and current directory
manually (why?). This worked for me:

import sys
import os
sys.path =

import hobel300

5. I also had to copy all required dlls from the c:\winnt directory (for
example pywintypes24.dll) into the current directory.

Thanks for this solution, works great, did not know that you can run
python programs even without a python installation on the local machine!

  Servus, Gregor

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