Python - Web Display Technology

Paul Rubin http
Mon May 22 21:34:21 CEST 2006

"SamFeltus" <sam at> writes:
> I am uncomfortable with the seperating of the code from the visual/time
> element, as well as the lack of emphasis on the visual/time element.

Maybe you should buy a camcorder and make movies, instead of doing web

> I am not a big Perl/PHP fan, I find Python with SimpleJSON, SQLObject
> and the included Python batteries pretty well does all I want to do
> server side.  Is it correct to think that is gonna be a solid, simple
> solution for a Flash coder to use server side?  Or, is there something
> better and easier?  (In advance, I find XML irritating compared to

Well, you won't find many Perl/PHP fans here, though PHP is (for now)
probably simpler than Python to get started and do basic dynamic Web
sites with.  Python beats PHP once the backend logic gets complex
enough that PHP's language deficiencies outweigh its ease of
installation.  I don't know if that applies to what you're doing.

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