NaN handling

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Sat May 6 00:25:58 CEST 2006

Ivan Vinogradov wrote:
>>There are those of us that need NaNs in production code, so it
>>would have to be something that could be configured.  I find
>>that in my programs the places where I need to do something
>>"exceptional" with a NaN are very limited.  The vast majority
>>of the time, I need them to propagate quietly.
> Our programming expectations may differ, but an option to catch NaNs as
> an exception is a great idea.

numpy lets the programmer control how NaNs are handled in numpy code. Producing
a NaN can be ignored, create a warning, raise an exception or call a function.
It's not well documented at the moment, but the functions are seterr(),
seterrcall(), seterrobj(), geterr(), geterrcall(), and geterrobj().

Pure Python has a similar, but somewhat less flexible method, on UNIX platforms.

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