Two ZSI questions

robin.diederen at robin.diederen at
Mon May 15 13:37:06 CEST 2006


I'm currently developing a SOAP client for the Zimbra collaboration
suite ( I'm writing a WSDL and using ZSI's ""
to export it to Python code. There are two things I can't get to work
and I cannot find any documentation on.

1. The Zimbra framework requires messages to be formed like this:
<account by="name">
How do I get the 'by="name"' part in the method tag? The "name" is
variable; other values, like
"id" etc...
I'd like to define this in the WSDL; but I can't find how. Also, I
can't find wether ZSI supports such constructs...

2. I need to attach headers to my SOAP requests. How do I put the
headers in the SOAP message, using the WSDL? If I get the headers in,
will I (from the client) code need to invoke them  manually?

Examples are welcome of course :)

Thanks, Robin

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