webbrowser problems

Keith Lackey keith at cgcreator.com
Tue May 30 16:24:14 CEST 2006

I'm having trouble trying to pass arguments to a file path url. ie


import webbrowser


webbrowser.open("c:/testPython/test.html") # Works

webbrowser.open("c:/testPython/test.html?testArg=testValue") # Doesn't Work


webbrowser.get() # Returns a WindowsDefault instance



I looked into the webbrowser python command, and see that windows default
just does a os.filestart(url) call.

If I use the command prompt to try and mimic this it also errors out which
is what I would expect.


But if I run this from the command line. it seems to work fine:


c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe


I assume this is because the url is being passed as an argument to the
iexplore.exe instead of trying to find a file call that url.


I guess what I need to do is try and find the file path to the default
browser so that I can build my own string to execute via command line. But I
have no clue as to how I would go about getting that. and also I want to
make sure its still going to be cross platform compatible.


Any help? Ideas?






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