pythoncode in matlab

Carl phleum_nospam at
Thu May 11 20:53:56 CEST 2006

patrick.d.hull at wrote:

> check out PyMat:
> I've never used it but I believe it should work for your needs.
> However, I highly recommend taking a look at SAGE:
> which has an interface to octave.
> -ph
PyMat will not help you! PyMat works the other way around, ie it allows for
Matlab calls from Python.

Basically you need to build a Python extension which includes calls to the
matlab engine (see the Python and Matlab manuals). Another way is to make a
shell call Python directly via "!python -c ''" and possibly save
the results on a file, for further processing by Matlab.

If you know about Scilab (which is a free and very capable Matlab clone, you can take a look at its Matlab-equivalent perl command
(ie a Matlab script that calls perl). You can use this perl command for
building a python command in Matlab.


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