Possible constant assignment operators ":=" and "::=" for Python

tsaar2003 at yahoo.com tsaar2003 at yahoo.com
Wed May 3 09:41:12 CEST 2006

Yes, I know that "constant" A will also be modified as the b[0] points
to A. Obviously the [] should be marked as immutable, as A is declared
to be constant thus immutable. If somebody tries to modify this
immutable object an error would occur.

When I further thought about this problem with constant objects (and
values), I run into this scenario: What if I want to use a constant
object/value as a template (or predefined value/class) for a variable:

constant A = ['1'] # let's declare A as immutable constant value/object
b = A # let's assign b some default value
b.append('2') # and let's play with b, but I wouldn't want to change A

What I'd like to see here is that b gets a copy of A so that the
original A won't be modified as we play with b. However, as we assign a
constant value A to b, I wouldn't want to restrict myself from playing
with b. Of course, I could write something like b = list(A) to get a
copy of A assigned to b. However, in this situation I have to know the
class name of A. But this is something that I would no like to have to
know if we want to take modules as some kind of  black boxes.



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