John Bokma harassment

Mitch spudtheimpaler at hotORgooMAIL.invalid
Wed May 24 18:11:34 CEST 2006

John Bokma wrote:
> Mitch <spudtheimpaler at hotORgooMAIL.invalid> wrote:
>> John Bokma wrote:
>> [...]
>>> You're mistaken. All you need to do is report it. After some time Xah
>>> will either walk in line with the rest of the world, or has found
>>> somewhere else to yell. As long as it's not my back garden and not
>>> around 4AM, I am ok with it.
>> Walk in line with the rest of the world?  Pah.
>> This is no-ones back garden.
> Funny how people who always think they can "change Usenet" have no clue 
> about what Usenet is and how it works in the first place.

Who said anything about changing it?  I like it just the way it is.

> Usenet is just that, each server participating can be thought of as being 
> the back yard of the news master.

Sure, each server has terms and conditions that apply, doesn't mean you 
should be able to ban people from speaking just because you don't like 
what they say.  My point is that this isn't *your* back garden, it isn't 
*my* back garden.  It isn't something I own, and it *IS* something I can 
filter and/or ignore.  Someone shouting in your back garden is a whole 
different ball game where your desires prevail.  Not here.  You know 
what you are getting into when you sign in, and it is your 
responsibility to deal with those you don't agree with personally.

I understand you consider his writings spam, and so can see why you have 
reported him.  All I'm saying is that as long as the articles are 
remotely on topic, I believe he has a right to post his opinions here.

> If you have no clue about how Usenet works, first read up a bit. What a 
> Usenet server is, a feed, and how Usenet is distributed.
> And then come back if you finally have something to say that you can back 
> up.

Thankfully I'm aware enough of all the above that I don't feel the need.

As these are all opinions, I don't see any need to "back up" any of it.

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