Europython 2006 call for proposals

Harald Armin Massa haraldarminmassa at
Thu May 18 13:00:45 CEST 2006


I am writing this supporting the Python in Business Track.

We are looking for talks proposals concerning the usage of Python in
doing business. So, if you have a story to tell...

Maybe you have written a webcrawler in Python and founded a search
engine? Or you are using Python to organize all those
HTTPS-certificates, selling your company and flying to space, all with
programming Python?

Or are you up to more challenging aspects of daily life, like using
Python to organize the ticket sales for a cinema-chain? Or even to do
Point-Of-Sale stuff with some retailers? Or you have done something
else interesting with Python in your Business?

Please, come to EuroPython 2006 and tell others how you got prosperous
programming in Python! (Just to remind you: Switzerland is one of the
most well known places to take care of your money matters)

Did Python give you inspiration to make Javascript suck less? Did you
write a famous Python book, got hired by a company and live happily
ever after?

Cone to CERN, Switzerland, from 3. to 5. July 2006 - tell your story!

Learn about Web 2.5 and up at the place Web 0.1-1.0 were developed! Be
at the place famous for creating the antimatter to blow up Vatican!
Have food in THE cafeteria with the highest likelyhood to queue
together with a future or past Nobel Prize winner.

Go to - and don't miss the talk submission deadline
on 2006-05-31

[on a special note to Italians who are only allowed to travel to
conferences with the possibility of recruitment: there will be some
highly qualified PyPys at the conference; and just have a look at the
timescale of PyPy founding by the European Union]


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