Software Needs Philosophers

Tim Churches tchur at
Mon May 22 23:08:18 CEST 2006

Xah Lee wrote:
> Software Needs Philosophers
> by Steve Yegge, 2006-04-15.
> Software needs philosophers.
> People don't put much stock in philosophers these days. The popular
> impression of philosophy is that it's just rhetoric, just frivolous
> debating about stuff that can never properly be answered. “Spare me
> the philosophy; let's stick to the facts!”
> The funny thing is, it's philosophers who gave us the ability to think
> rationally, to stick to the facts. If it weren't for the work of
> countless philosophers, facts would still be getting people tortured
> and killed for discovering and sharing them.

Paging Dr Mertz... (

Tim C

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